Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TMoIB, Part I: Settlers of Catan, the Bed Intruder Song, Pokémon Movie!

Busy, BUSY day so this one is going up a little bit late… I’m going to spend a few weeks trying to catch up with all the interesting things I found around the internet that I’ve missed in the past two months during my hiatus WHILE continuing to share new things I’ve found.

I’m also trying to see if I can write this in 15 minutes. (I’m trying to refrain from breaking into the Pokémon theme song…)

Here we go! Two Months of Internet Business, Part I!


Surface Catan: Remember how I was talking about ideas for a Settlers of Catan movie a couple of months back? Sure you do. Well, a version of the game using a Microsoft Surface has been in development and should be ready for the public (that can afford to have a Surface) sometime soon! I really wanted a Microsoft Surface before, and I definitely want one now.

Hide your kids, hide your wife: This is oooooold now, but so was me waiting to post this up. It needs no introduction really. Ladies and gents, The Bed Intruder song:

I wanna be the best, like no one ever was: Dammit, I did it. I posted a line from the Pokémon theme song. I was soooo close to not doing it but before I knew it, I was already typing it. Oh well. A live action trailer to a fan-made Pokémon movie was posted onto YouTube on Monday of last week and honestly, as a fan of the first couple of Pokémon generations as a kid, I loved this trailer. I thought it was very loyal to the original story while taking a darker look at the world of Pokémon. Here’s an interview with the cast/crew if you get interested in the trailer.


Well, that took exactly 20 minutes. Not bad. Expect more old stuff with new stuff next Wednesday, along with “1441,” because I’m generous like that.

Two interesting things happened during the writing of this blog: 1) I added "Pokémon" to Microsoft Word's dictionary because that red squiggly line annoys me and 2) my friend found out I have a blog and asked if I have a hit list with him on it. Not yet, Bootl3g (or Bootles), but I'll create the tags just for you. :P

Other than that, you know the drill: Tweet me @LeetAmerico or drop a question for me in the Formspring box to the right.

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  1. Pokemon Trailer: SNAPPED.
    But why does the trailer say "Summer 2010"? I read through the article and there's no mention of the movie. Apparently the project ends at the trailer. *Sad face* since it was really well done.

    Btw, are you aware that your formspring box also appears in the comment section before your readers log in to comment? That sort of confused me for a second.