Monday, September 27, 2010

On the Menu: Week of September 26, 2010 – Disqus this Fall Blog Catalog!

lul, apparently I was planning to blog the week of August 8th (the week after my last CTA story), but we were having rolling blackouts as I was trying to post anything up so I ended up giving up. It’s a cute little post. I still have it lying around and I totally forgot about it. Good ol’ Chicago summer. Never disappoints … Oh, wait, it does. Maybe I’ll post it up someday so I don’t feel like it was written for nothing.

But, over time with a bit of trial and error, I managed to get us a Disqus comment box because, really, I love feedback. I like knowing how I’m doing (or not doing) with anything. So go ahead and use it, no registration for Disqus required, though it would be a perk for you because other websites around the internets (like Mashable) also use Disqus, and you’re able to share a single account to comment on them. What scares me is that you have a thumb down button to mindfuck me with. I feel like I opened Pandora’s Box with this addition. The huge perk is that I’ll be more able to keep track of your comments more efficiently instead of backtracking to each post one by one.

By the way, for the next 14 weeks there WILL be at least one blog post because I will be posting up a little something that I’m writing. “1441” will be posted up from October 6th to December 29th of this year. 13 weeks, 13 chapters, 3 complete months. I’m not at liberty to disclose the meaning of the number 1441, but you’re going to have to check it out 9 days from now if you want to know more about it.

And now what’s on the menu for the week:

•    On the Menu: Week of September 26, 2010 – Disqus this Fall Blog Catalog!
•    Transit Tuesday // A True CTA “Ay” Story
•    Web Wednesday // Settlers of Catan, the Bed Intruder, Two Months of Internet Business
•    Throwback Thursday // Grand Theft Auto IV
•    Free Friday // One of the Worst Weekends of My Life, Part I of I

There you go. That’s what’s happening this week. Now let’s see how many of those I actually do end up posting. You’re free to make estimates in the Disqus comment section below. (Shyeah, I’m still pimping that awesome new Disqus box.)

As I’m posting this up, I just realized I hadn’t tagged my posts in a while. I’ll get on that… eventually.

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