Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a quickie!

Hello there!

Apparently I've been knighted as OCD Grammar chief by the un-reputable Holy Bread of Scientology. I would like to say that it is an honor to be editing such an interesting body of work.

And since it is Media Monday[well when I wrote this it was, it is now Web Wednesday so I guess the label still applies], I thought I would share one of my newest guilty pleasures here. And it is...

*Drum roll please*

I [<3] Vampires

Yes folks, you heard right. I less than three vampires. No this is not a fluke to get you reading another glittery-vampire, pre-pubescent book.

This is fanfiction come to life.

YOU pick the fate of the characters

YOU write the next plot twist

YOU can be in control

And it's all brought to life [youtube life that is]

Every "Team Jacob" girl who wished Bella would have picked werewolf over vampire and ranted and raved and wrote her own ending on the site now has a chance to see her monster- *cough cough* I mean creation come to life, internet life that is.

The premise is strikingly similar to a true-life event that happened in the life of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. A pair of best friends bond over a Twilight-esque vampire series and create a blog about their devotion. After leaking chapters from the last book online and finding out that their author has decided to stop writing, the girls decide to go on an adventure to apologize and get the last book written. This leads to some vampire ass kicking sprinkled with the usual teen drama but exemplified at all the right moments because it IS created by fans.

So click on the name, check out the site, and "get sucked in."



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