Monday, April 5, 2010

I am now on Rock Band 3 Watch

If I you didn’t know, I love music games.

In case you already knew, I love music games.

Rock Band, beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution, etc.

So in Rock Band 3 news (and it falls under Guitar Hero 6 news I guess), Stone Temple Pilots’ manager has come out saying that STP will have a track in both music games.

Stone Temple Pilots already have three songs available in the Rock Band catalogue, namely “Vasoline” being available on the Rock Band 1 disc along with “Interstate Love Song” and “Sex Type Thing” available as downloadable content. I assumed it would be a song from their new album set to release next month, but Yvette (my friend that acts as unofficial editor of my blog who also hides away on Blogger and Twitter) pointed out that “Plush” isn’t available as of yet and I realized that “Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart” isn’t available as DLC, either.

Along with that, Rock Band 3 will also have three-part harmonies as seen in The Beatles: Rock Band last year and the upcoming Green Day: Rock Band, which makes sense considering GD:RB will have a full exportable soundtrack to use in other Rock Band games, not including The Beatles: Rock Band.

Soon, I’m going to be coming up with a dream list for Rock Band 3 consisting of 85-110 tracks. Until then, here’s a simple rundown of what we know so far:

Rock Band 3 tracks:
  • Stone Temple Pilots – [track(s) not known]
New Features:
  • Harmonies (as seen in The Beatles: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band)


  1. Bravo Mico, I don't think I saw a grammar mistake in this one. Btw, are you getting a new drum set anytime soon or is your old one still workable?

  2. I'm gonna see if I can work my magic with my old drums.

  3. I miss Rock Band.. I have no xbox but I'm workin on it! Lockerz ftw. I want Beatles Rock Band SO bad. :(