Friday, April 23, 2010

The First 3-Part Blog Story, Part I: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At the start of the week I claimed that I would write all week. Monday went well and Tuesday was awesome, but Wednesday, Thursday, and my very late Throwback Thursday post for today didn’t happen. You know why? School. Wednesday afternoons, Thursday nights, Friday mornings. School. I decided to write about my very fun week. You know, just for fun.

I’m one of the few people in the world that loves school, but I also loathe it at the very same time. There’s always something wrong with it. Group assignments, randomly assigned assignments, and magic shows.

The city colleges system, consisting of like seven colleges and a few of satellites, somehow got viruses. I got a nice mass email and phone call telling me so. On presentation day, nonetheless. Our Social Science professor has been freaking out about viruses for a few weeks, so when she heard what we heard, she didn’t bother putting her flash drive into the school’s computers. So surprise, she told us she was posting them online and that she’d want them emailed to her by 9am. See? Magic show.

As much as I was told to be prepared by a teammate for our presentation, which I was for the most part, two of my teammates were a little over prepared in terms of collecting information. I didn’t get nervous like I always do, but I did speed through a brief two pages of Chinese history that I’d written, one of our teammates was also very brief with her geography part of the presentation. Two others kind of went over the top and, well, our 30 minute presentation was an hour long. I don’t blame them though. There was a lot of information on China.

We’re assigned to give scores to everyone on a scale from 1 to 10 because on Presentation, Interest, one other category that I don’t give enough a shit about to even remember, and the choice of leaving a comment or not. Long story short, people gave us scores that were generally in the 0-5 range for Interest. Two things I’d like to point out. The scale was supposed to be from 1 to 10. How the fuck did someone give us a zero? Also, some asshat was nice enough to write in “OK” as one of the ratings. WHEN DID “OK” BECOME A NUMBER? /caps

There were two comments in particular that I’d like to point out. One person, most likely a female that doesn’t sit in the back of the class based on the handwriting, said she learned a lot about China.  It was either sarcasm or a genuine comment, and I’ll take it as the latter. Someone else, a male that likely sits in the front of the class, possibly two seats away from me, wrote “DEATH BY POWERPOINT!” I really hope his flash drive combusts before he gets to present next week.

Because it was Wednesday, I went to my older sister’s after class because Friday nights became out of question due to my having a Saturday morning History class. We watched HGTV (Google it if you don’t know what it is, too lazy this post) and Animal Planet. It was fun.

Getting home, I opened up the Word document that our professor was nice enough to upload onto Blackboard. (Google that, too). I sat there staring at it for quite a long time -slash- looking at other things on the internet instead of working on my quiz, exam, or whatever the hell I was taking. Next thing I know, its past midnight and it was Thursday, meaning that’s the end of this part of the story.

So I’m since I don’t do anything in History class, I’ll be seeing you in the morning, bright and early. On a Saturday.

Well, maybe I won’t be seeing you, but you know what I mean.

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