Friday, March 5, 2010

Valentine’s Day is like a bottle of Valentina.

Now I’m not one that knocks on holidays but… Actually, who am I kidding? I always make fun of holidays and pseudo-holidays, but usually in good stride and mostly in ways that are tongue-in-cheek.

And I’m definitely not one to go around knocking on holidays by comparing them to badass hot sauce, but I have a nice little simile going on here. Hot sauce, like Valentine’s Day, requires tolerance. Valentine’s Day, like hot sauce, also requires tolerance.

Even three weeks later I’m still on the idea of Valentine’s Day. It bothers me. That’s right, I went there, Mico is BOTHERED (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon reference). I live in a neighborhood where I get bombarded with people crossing my path just to block me from walking and trying to sell me buckets of roses, oversized teddy bears, and balloons that will deflate by the end of the week. When I say no, I walk a block and it happens again. And again. Then it gets to the point where I’ll willing take the CTA that I dislike ever so much.

What’s worse is that as a Midwesterner I have to deal with Sweetest Day as well. That’s not until October, but God do I loathe that day. It’s just Valentine’s Day in October with people doing all the stuff I just mentioned up above but to a lesser extent.

You know what I want twice a year? Shamrock shakes. Not going to happen, sadly. Now it is time to get a new iPod and my running shoes ready so I can jog past people in a few months.

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