Thursday, March 4, 2010

Demon Days Feel Good

Because of Gorillaz’ (or is it Gorillaz’s”?) new album coming next week (which I literally found about last week), I’m listening to Demon Days, which is possibly one of my favorite albums of all time.

The introduction track (simply named “Intro”) and “Last Living Souls” have always sounded ominous to me, starting a darker theme that is apparently throughout the entire album. “Kid with Guns” and “O Green World” makes me think about the damage that we do to ourselves and others, not necessary physically but also mentally, but that can that could just be my interpretation of it. “Dirty Harry” has a nice combination of strings and hip hop beats with children choir singing the chorus before and following the hip hop flow. It makes for interesting listening.

Now I can honestly say “Feel Good Inc.” is one of my guilty pleasures music wise. It even goes as far as me HAVING to have this song in my massive collection of songs to play in Rock Band. Having De La Soul in the track was the cherry on top of the song. I feel like it is on one of the more (if the the most) upbeat songs on the album.

“El Mañana” makes me think of an autumn night. I honestly have no clue why, but the lyrics make me think of someone feeling that they are alone, maybe driven by the line “Summer don’t know me no more.” The sound of the strings in the background of the song give the feeling of someone feeling somber and the sound of sirens at the end gave me the feeling like all hope is gone. What can I say? I’m a pessimistic at times. The track “Every Planet We Reach is Dead” is what I can imagine myself listening to on my lowest of days if I didn’t try to force myself to listen to something upbeat to swing my mood back up. But I can also found myself finding listening to it on my highest of days because of the great amount of instruments playing in the last half of the song. I’d honestly learn how to play piano just so I could play this song in particular over and over again.

I totally listen to “November Has Come” in, guess when, November. I feel at around this point slips back into being a hip hop album. It has the feeling of autumn again, “All Alone,” why do you make me feel like I’m always surrounded by people? It could be because of the faster beat being after the slower “November Has Come.” Anyone that loves bass (i.e. Me) will love the song because it definitely has enough bass going on while slipping into a more peaceful sound near the middle of the song and seamlessly back into the bass . The next track, “White Light,” is also rolling deep in bass. Not including the second to last song on the album which I will mention later on, this is the shortest song on the album.

“Dare” is the closest thing you will get to pop music on the album. I don’t mean that in a mad way at all because I love pop music. It also carries on with bass lines like the few songs before it while also giving the track backing vocals that make the song very, very catchy to me.

I wanted to find out what the Dance of the Dead was after the chorus of “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head,” which features Dennis Hopper telling the story of the Happy Folk. Damn, they were so happy.

“Don’t Get Lost in Heaven” and “Demon Days” I love because they make me appreciate a sound I don’t typically find myself listening to. I’ve never really been a fan of gospel music (neither do I hate it), but I can find myself listening to these two particular tracks in particular over and over again because they make me feel at ease.

So I can’t wait until Plastic Beach is released next week. I can’t believe Gorillaz haven’t released an album in five years because they totally flew by. Just going by the sound of the track “Stylo” from the new album, I’m going to be living on this new album for another five years to come.



  1. You have a way with words. O.o I wanted to pick at your grammar a couple of times, but I'll be nice, and I won't.. I love Gorillaz, and I've listened to Demon Days all the way through so many times that I could hear each song in my head as you mentioned the titles. Nice review. :P And I agree, the last 5 years really has gone by fast.. It's hard to believe it's been that long already. I can't wait to hear that new album either. <3

  2. Yeah, this is the only one I didn't proofread. It was working on it at 11pm and still had to be up at 6am. I might proofread it some day...