Monday, March 8, 2010

What will we feed The Maw for lunch?

I loved The Maw. It’s an adorable (and very downloadable) Xbox Live Arcade game for the Xbox 360. I seriously can’t get over how cute the game is. Considering it’s a short game, I’ll give you the main gist of it without any saucy spoilers:

Frank (our little hero) is captured and brought aboard a ship with a crew that is collecting aliens from various planets. He is thrown into a tank across from a purple blob called The Maw, a very jolly looking creature if not a bit on the teethy side. (There’s a reason why Maw was in an isolated tank away from the other aliens: Besides being able to gobble up other creatures, it also grows in size the more it consumes.)

Suddenly the ship begins to violently shake and it crash lands onto a planet. Becoming an unlikely team, Frank and Maw begin an adventure that takes them across a planet while deflecting attempts to get recaptured.

How big can Maw get? I won’t say, but I had a bit too much fun playing as Frank just leading Maw on his leash to all the other smaller creatures and growing bigger to eat those larger ones that Maw couldn’t munch on before.

And I totally love when Frank calls for Maw. “Maaaaaw.” It’s so adorable. Play it and you’ll understand.

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  1. At first the description kinda reminded me of Pikmin. Anyway, it looks fun. Wish I could try it. T.T Damn my lack of a 360 and all that. >.> Must. Find. Job. D: