Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TMoIB, Part II: Loveline, Comcast: America’s Worst Company, Obama in NBA Shorts

I’m doing it again. I swear I’ll cut back on playing Halo: Reach as it’s affecting my blogging. I have an idea! I should write about Reach just to get it out of my system. That sounds like a good idea. That is almost asking for a “future blogging ideas” tag, but I’m [currently] too lazy to even tag this post at all.

Time be wastin’ on Web Wednesday so let’s start this shit! Two Months of Internet Business, Part II!


Loveline and the After Disaster: I can’t even describe Loveline because words can’t do this radio show justice. Listeners from the United States and some parts of Canada call in to Dr. Drew, Psycho Mike, and the guest(s) of the night with their problems and questions about their sex lives, receiving advice and tips from the show’s hosts and guests. For the After Disaster, Dr. Drew and Psycho Mike sit out the weekly after show which is essentially Loveline with more stories and some occasional swears but also highly recommend, btw.

Check out the Loveline live stream (or the alternate stream if the main one doesn’t work) from Sunday nights to Thursday nights at roughly 12:50am ET/9:50pm PT for the preshow discussions with the main show starting 10 minutes later on the hour for two hours, with the Loveline After Disaster post show going on for an hour afterwards on Thursday nights at 3:05am ET/12:05am PT.

Comcast and the Golden Poo: Though I would argue that AT&T is the worst company out there, apparently people think Comcast is even worse than AT&T. Too bad, considering AT&T likes to give non-golden poo to its customers.

Obama …in shorts? President Obamarama and Joe Biden are going to be playable characters latest NBA Jam along with their competition in the 2008 Presidential Election, Sarah Palin and John McCain, buuuuuut NBA Jam also includes a few others that will help settle almost 20 years of political rivalries… through basketball.


I wonder how long I can go calling this “Two Months of Internet Business” because it’ll become three months once we hit November. Gotta sleep on that.

Coming up next is the first “1441” chapter. After reading this and that, you can contact me @LeetAmerico or drop a question for me in the Formspring box to the right.

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