Monday, May 3, 2010

Rock Band 3 Watch, 002: Swapping Vocalists, Freezepop, Queen, Joe Cocker

Rock Band is an amazing game. I love it, but there are small things I notice while playing the game that I shouldn’t see while I’m trying to hit notes. Something I’ve noticed from the transition to Rock Band 1 to Rock Band 2 is how weird it is to see a male avatar singing female lead vocals. When I played Rock Band 1’s vocal tour, I would just start at my avatar jump around as he lip-synced to Flyleaf and Yeah Yeah Yeahs and wince ever so slightly. I notice little things like that. In Rock Band 2, my vocalist is a girl, but I still have those moments where I stare at her when she’s jamming out to Disturbed and Metallica. I’ve been wondering how cool it would be for band members (just the avatars, not the players) to have the ability to swap instruments mid-setlist to get rid of this awkwardness, and that way my female singer can switch positions with my male drummer.

On the music front, since nothing has been confirmed (that I know of), I think that it’s time to start compiling my “dream setlist” that I mentioned in the first Rock Band 3 Watch post.

First (and I feel this HAS to be first) is Freezepop. Harmonix has had Freezepop as a featured artist in all of their main games, excluding the Karaoke Revolution games, since as far back as Frequency in 2001. I was actually somewhat shocked that there was no Freezepop in Rock Band 2 on disc or as one off the 20 bonus tracks available later, but I accepted Freezepop always be hogging the spotlight from other artists. But still, a part of me really wants “Frontload” from Future Future Future Perfect, the band’s 2007 album that also has “Less Talk More Rokk,” one of the five Freezepop songs available in Rock Band. The song wouldn’t exactly be rolling in the vocal harmonies that we could hope for, but it would still be nice to have nonetheless. Also, we’d get a kickass keytar solo at the end of the song. Everyone loves kickass keytar solos.

Next would be “With a Little Help from My Friends,” but Joe Cocker’s version. I know it would be blasphemy to have this version considering the original is in The Beatles: Rock Band, but this version would work wonders with vocal harmonies. Also, the song is from the 1960s, meaning that if Rock Band 3 is still planning to range from the classics of the 1960s to contemporary music from the 2000s and 2010s, this Joe Cocker track is almost a shoo-in considering the small percentage of songs from the 1960s available for the game. I tried to resist mentioning it but WONDER YEARS. WONDER YEARS. There. It's out of my system.

Last is actually the more obvious one: “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Back in October of last year, we got 10 tracks by Queen as DLC for Rock Band 1 + 2, plus “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champion” in Lego Rock Band, which could be exported into Rock Band 1 + 2. The most notable song missing was “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and I’m pretty damn sure this song will be included in Rock Band 3. How can Rock Band 3 be big without one of the biggest rock anthems of time?
Rock Band 3 tracks:
•    Stone Temple Pilots – [track(s) not known]

New Features:
•    Harmonies

My “Dream Setlist”:
•    Joe Cocker – With a Little Help from My Friends
•    Freezepop – Frontload
•    Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Dream features:
•    The ability for two Rock Band characters (male and female specifically) to change instruments (from vocals to something else) mid-setlist.

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