Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Daily Master Plan

I’ve decided that I’m going to actually work on this blog after 26 days of pondering whether the semester would get too hectic for me. The master plan includes me not forcing myself to write everyday but have themes for the day if I do actually want to do something. I’m making this sound more complicated than it is but I have every day (except Sunday so far) planned for something or other.

Media Monday – Media stuff that I find interesting at the moment. It could be movies, music, games, and possibly books. Books are a medium, right? I’d look it up but that would take 40 seconds of my life away from me.

Transit Tuesday – I don’t really like the way the Chicago Transit Authority is run. Basically, that’s it: I’m going to be pointing out things I like (rare) and what I don’t like (very common).

Web Wednesday – Anything on the internet that I like for whatever reason. These things can include some things I’ve found on YouTube, Twitter, or on other blogs.

Throwback Thursday – So I was going to take Thursdays off because I couldn’t think of anything that started with “Th” AT ALL.  CommeLePapillon was nice enough to throw out the idea of throwbacks. Basically it’s just where I talk about old things. Hopefully cool old things.

Friday Final – Just to wrap up the week with SOMETHING, this is just random ideas thrown out… on a Friday. Another possible name was WTFriday, suggested by iBOCK, but it didn’t follow the MM-TT-WW flow. Thank you, though.

Spillover Saturday – Yeah, I have a problem. This is that extra day with other random thoughts I might forget to post in case I don’t feel like waiting a week to share it

Let’s see if I can manage this. This can be considered a Spillover Saturday, I guess. You can pretend  that it’s not 12:47am on Sunday, right? :|


  1. Actually I can't pretend it's not 12:47. [Technically I'm reading this at 1:13 am]. It's not in my nature to deny things. I refuse to act on doublethink and allow 1984 to occur. Sorry. o_0

    There, a comment where it properly belongs.

  2. Awesome idea. Are you meaning that you're going to try to post on those guidelines? I never post that often anymore.. on any of my blogs.. x.x

  3. @Cookie: Very nice copy + pasting.

    @Carol: I'm going to attempt to at least.