Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"4chan vs. Tumblr" and Hatsune Miku

Web Wednesday? It’s only still Wednesday in certain time zones (including Chicago) so I’m still in the clear. ;)

“4chan vs. Tumblr” is in quotes in the title for a reason. Sunday’s battle between 4chan (the “bane of humanity” according to a friend of mine) and Tumblr (the site of “hipsters” and “all girls,” the internet’s words, not mine) was more hilarious than it was an actual war. Both sites were up and down all day after 5pm EST and, honestly, I was on Twitter watching the chaos from the comfort of my couch. Oh, and Gawker may have hyped the shit out of it and I was promised fucking DDoS attacks. What gives, 4chan? If you’re gonna start throwing Molotov cocktails into someone’s window, make sure you set their entire place of residence on fire. Tumblr should have been done for a few hours, not a few seconds!

But that’s just me. I’m obviously very Team 4chan this war if you hadn’t noticed.

Now, meet Hatsune Miku. Trust me, it’s extremely rare that I’ll reference Ryan Seacrest’s blog in my Web Wednesday posts, but I actually found this to be amazingly awesome. The following video is of Hatsune Miku, she’s performing in front of a sold out crowd, and she’s not even real. SHE’S NOT EVEN REAL. I’m so moving to Japan if I ever get the chance to.

[Twitter: @LeetAmerico]

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