Monday, October 11, 2010

On the Menu: Week of October 10, 2010 – I started writing this on October 4th

Today is October 4th, 2010. It is for me, not you. You’ll be read this on October 10th.  I’m only here to add a plus to Media Monday. Today was interesting as I was on Facebook, Mashable, Gawker TV, and watching my younger nephew for a majority of the day. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of “1441” (I laughed as I typed that seeing as I haven’t posted it yet as of 10/04, let alone finished writing it).

Writing five days ahead is hilarious, I’m sorry. It’s also scary seeing as I don’t know what will happen in the world between then (October 10th) and now (October 4th). I’ll make a few predictions of what will happen between now (October 4th) and then (October 10th).

•    Paris Hilton runs for mayor of Chicago
•    Lindsay Lohan stays in rehab for more than a week
•    I’ll get retweeted by Ray William Johnson again.

I DO have a plausible list of predictions, and it’s the menu for the week! It is as follows:

•    On the Menu: October 10, 2010 – I started writing this on October 4th
•    Media Monday // 2010: The Rise and Fall of Great TV [++]
•    Transit Tuesday // A True CTA “Ay” Story [++]
•    Web Wednesday // TMoIB, Part III
•    Wednesday Writing // “1441” #02
•    Throwback Thursday // Grand Theft Auto IV [++]
•    Free Friday // One of the Worst Weekends of My Life, Part I of I [+++]

10/11/10 Addition: For some stupid reason, I didn’t post this up on yesterday so all those references to October 10th and 5 days are just one digit off. It’s Monday now, but enjoy!

10/11/10 Addition 2: There’s a nifty tweet button on the right column at the very top. Do us all a favor and use it. You know you want to. ;)

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