Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes I’m more interested in people than I should be…

And it’s not Facebook creeping, by the way. I just find some people interesting for some reason. And it’s not bad if you don’t find everyone interesting; because I don’t find every single person I meet to be extraordinary. And I feel like it’ll sound worst and worst if I keep trying to explain it, so I’ll move on.

There isn’t a way for me to explain what I find interesting. It just happens, almost in the same way hipsters do what they do, whatever it is that they do. (I kid, hipsters. I love you.)

Now I’m at the point where I have to ask myself what exact things I find intriguing. Then I have to ask if that intriguing thing is actually interesting or even relevant. And the end of the day, I don’t have a reason to ask myself these questions as if answering them will eliminate them from my mind because I remember the ideas, questions, justifications, and answers for some strange reason. We don’t remember that 2+2=5 even though the idea is wrong, will just remember that any answer other than 4 is wrong.

If that makes any sense then my example is just. If that doesn’t make sense my example is still just. Don’t argue with it, it makes sense to me.

An example is a classmate of mine that I find interesting for an unknown reason. He sits 4:30-ish from me and we also take the bus in the same direction so we generally find ourselves talking in interesting conversations that I usually start. Well on Thursday (yesterday?) I was talking to him about the class when there was a ruckus of honking as a silver car crazily was jumping from the leftmost lane three lanes over to the right.

As the car was shifting lanes, I recognized my older sister riding shotgun, my teen nephew in the backseat, and the silver car as my younger sister’s car. Given my younger sister’s sassing half a week before, my younger sister wasn’t talking to me; she would have just driven past me had my older sister not been in the car. I processed what was happening and my classmate pointed out that I should go considering my sister almost caused about ten accidents to get to the curb right before a bridge.

But now I felt bad because he didn’t get a ride with us, even though my younger sister wouldn’t have felt dropping him off even if we didn’t have to leave the main road or stray away from our destination path. I feel even worst because I looked back, called to him, and stood there awkwardly for about two seconds while I realized that there was no room in the car for anyone else once I got in, so I said I’ll see him Tuesday.

So now I’m weirder than I already am, feel worst about it now than I did if I hadn’t looked back, and can also qualify as socially awkward.

And now as I reread this, I feel like I’ve trailed away from my original topic. Fuck.

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  1. Wow.. interesting story. o.o Or uh, in internet meme fashion, I should say... Cool story bro!